Artist George Sabra crafted three sculptures For the NFL super bowl XLIV 2010 hosted in Miami FL,these sculptures created out of discarded steel and scrapped wire from the demolished orange bowl stadium.  embodying the individual team spirit in each sculpture, Sabra's sculptures of the New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, and San Francisco 49ers are energetic and imaginative.  the footballs in all sabra’s sculptures are made to exact NFL 11" X 6 " regulation size.

Sabra became both fascinated and inspired by the spirit of the football fans, and the simple fact that millions of eyes follow the small pigskin ball throughout the football season, bringing together people in all walks of life.  He views the football as an object that travels fast through the air with a magnetic attraction, like a planet. It is this spirit that attracted Sabra to make these sculptures; he has a passion for using his art as a universal language to communicate with audiences.